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Certificate in Gold Appraisal

 Gold Appraisal


 A well-known saying " All that glitters is not gold" but have you thought - what if I could learn to differentiate between Good Gold and not good gold and Gold and not gold? The confusion is made cleared by learning the Certificate in Gold Appraisal at IIGD.


The short term course but with long term usefulness will shape the careers of students by in-depth knowledge of valuation and appraising of Jewellery. The Gold Appraisal course module is designed in such way keeping in mind the Banks requirement, the jewellers point of view and anyone looking to simple gain wisdom about Gold by the following modules:

> Learning Metallurgy

> Karat vs Carat

> Finding out Net wt & Pure Gold Wt

> God Purity Testing by Touchstone (Kasauti)

> Rubbing of jewellery of Purity-22K,20k,18k,14k on the two most common alloys-Copper and Silver

> Total testing of 10 different karatage of Gold

> Interest Calculation for Loan

>Pawn Broker Calculations

> Concepts of Wastage & Making Chargers

>5 Types of Market Jewellery appraising.

> Hallmarking & assaying methods

> Visit to Laboratory