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Diamond Merchant Course

 The Diamond Merchant Course is two months course and it the session covers not just Diamond Grading and Valuation but also the Market Practicality of Business..



Learn not just the grading of Diamonds and Valuation but also how to trade in Diamonds.


The 4cs of Diamonds.

Valuations of Diamond.

And how to do business.

This 3 we emphasis on..


The Creator of Diamond Merchant Course.



Who isn’t fascinated with Diamonds? What if there is a course to Enter Diamond Market? A course which covers all the aspects of Diamonds- right from How to Open Diamond Parcel to How to Close A Diamond Deal? The thought end right here at IIGD.

The Diamond Merchant Course (DMC) is created with years of research and development on Valuation of Diamonds both nationally and internationally. In India primarily the diamond market is very diverse and choice of diamond varies from each Indian state so the students will not just learn the 4cs of Diamond but with valuation keeping in mind the local market.  

During the course students will get hands-on exposure of Diamond Markets and grading of big size diamond and the assortment of small stones with the IIGD system of valuation based on the following concept in order:        


The art of opening and counting of diamonds


  Holding Diamond by  fingers and tweezers

    The system of Sieving(Chalnee)groups in Diamonds

    Educating on Carat and Karat

    Finding Inclusion & Blemishes

    Grading of diamonds into clarity groups

    The assortment of small diamonds

    Only Clarity Group Valuation

    Colour Grading (big size) from D to N Colour 

Shading(small groups) of White, Browns and Yellows ¬ 

The grading of Fluorescence ¬ 

Valuation based Size+Clarity+Color ¬ 

The concept of Cut Grades ¬ The proportions like Table%, Crown Angel, Pavilion Depth etc.,. ¬ 

The polish and the symmetry grades ¬ 

Full valuation based on the 4cs ¬ 


Practical Methodology used while purchasing and trading of Diamonds ¬ Natural Diamonds vs. Lab Grown identification


At the end of the course Students will be market ready and gain enough confidence to be called as DIAMOND MERCHANTS