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Diamond assortment course

 Diamond Grading & Assortment Course : A solitaire is regarded in the market as diamond of wt.1 carat & above but generally consumers think a single piece of diamond is called a Solitaire. The stones are ultimately mounted in jewelleries and are majorly small stone and to assist and grade them is a task of skilled diamond grader. The IIGD – Diamond Grading & Assortment curriculum is emphasis on the given below modules:

Skill of learning to see Diamonds with fingers

Sieving (Chalnee)

Specialization on white shades of diamond 

Strict training of VVS(top quality) diamond parcels

Selection & rejection based on 4cs of diamond grading

Local market terminologies 



10x is the magnification for both eyeglass/loupe and the tripod (ghodi).