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Jewellery Business Start-up Course

 Jewellery Business Course:


In our career everyone once had thought to change the line of business, and but because of lack of support & education for the field interested we never made an attempt. 


At IIGD we help shape the dream of starting a Jewellery business. The concept of Jewellery Business is made understood in practice by the covering activities required right from buying of Gold to the selling of Jewellery in between this many factors come and we make you understand them in real environments. Practical of the following is planned implemented:

>Types of Jewellery Business to begin? - Retail Jewellery Shops

•    Online Jewellery Retail

•    Gold Trading

•    Gold Importers

•    Jewellery Manufacturers

•   Types of Jewellery to start business-Precious Jewellery (Gold, Platinum, Diamonds etc), Semi Precious Jewellery or Fashion Jewellery)


Gold & Alloy mixing

•   Producing & Hallmarking The  Jewellery

•   The concept of wastage & Making Charges

•    Knowing Purity by Touchstone(Kasauti)

•  Types of settings

Local Market research(In India jewellery taste various in each part)

•    International Jewellery Business Ideas

•    Promotion for Jewellery

•  Selling Ideas



Gone are the days when people learned any business by working under some firm/person.IIGD we educate them with our years of experience in the field of Gem & Jewellery